Crypto Exchanges

CryptoSwagShop has compiled a list of recommended online centralized exchanges, at the current moment centralized exchanges run the show with the volume and user base. The tide is churning tho, and decentralized exchanges are coming, if you want a taste of decentralized – check our Onsite Dex Exchange. In the meantime tho, if you are looking for volume and mass user base, check out the following exchanges.

Led by Changpeng Zhao, their team have experience in both wall-street and crypto finance. Binance also has a track record of successful startups under the belt. The underlying Binance platform has been deployed on 30+ exchanges already. It supports all devices and multiple languages, offering a seamless user experience. The certified matching engine is capable of processing 1,400,000 orders per second, making Binance one of the fastest exchange in the market today. You may check out the fees and details on each currency they handle – Binance Fee Schedule., is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to reinvent the sharing economics by combining the power of BEX token and decentralization to deliver profits to stakeholders from daily trade revenue. offers unique pairing set for cryptocurrencies with BTC, BEX, TUSD that makes an exclusively dedicated platform for exchange thereby setting a new trend of trading amongst the crypto traders. Primary Pairs: BTC, BEX, TUSD Example: The “trading pair” ETH/BTC. With ETH/BTC users can buy Ethereum with Bitcoin or Sell Ethereum for Bitcoin. Here, the term trading pairs denote a trade between two types of cryptocurrencies. incorporates the highest standards of security. team has expertise in building financial systems with high-security standards. The
platform has been audited and tested by expert teams to assuage user’s fear of any vulnerability.

Changelly allows you to exchange cryptocurrency at the best current rates; simply transfer from one wallet to another within minutes. Changelly is very user friendly and well respected. Enter the amount and the address. Transfer your coins and let the magic happen. Changelly also allows you to purchase certain cryptocurrencies with your national currencies! How convenient! Other cryptocurrency trading services charge you with withdrawal fees and commissions. Changelly charges a reasonable fee of 0.5%. Check out how it works.

Coinsuper is a world leading digital asset exchange. Coinsuper is a global elite team with extensive experience in financial advisory, compliance, wealth management and most importantly, cryptocurrency and financial technology. Apart from a very strong team, 

Coinsuper adopts methods such as SSL technology, multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets, offline capital management to ensure the security and stability of the platform. Coinsuper also adopts google authenticator in customer login and fund/BTC withdrawal. All these are to ensure that their customers’ assets are well protected.

Coinsuper treats Security, Compliance, and Stability as their primary focus and is committed to providing customer-oriented, efficient, professional and secure trading services to our valuable customers. You may check out the fees and details on each currency they handle – Coinsuper Fee Schedule.