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CryptoSwagShop is here to provide slick crypto merchandise. Along with our other affiliated brands, HiveWear, 420, Ledger and KeepKey, we also keep an updated website. The CryptoSwagShop website and crypto experience that we wish to promote to our user base wouldn’t be complete without all the extras, including an in-house trade engine, wallet recommendations, and neat and tidy constantly updated blog. Our CryptoSwagDrops blog is known for its awesome promo code giveaways, alongside our ICO and Token Airdrops reviews. CryptoSwagShop and CryptoSwagDrops also maintain a presence across many of the social networking platforms, so allow our userbase to catch our news and updates where they prefer, and if you don’t use social media – our friendly email bots will send you an updated newsletter straight to your email. All of this takes time, effort and some overhead cost. CryptoSwagShop is not asking for a free handout but will accept donations if you feel our efforts deserve it. Any raised funds will be put towards overhead costs, marketing and maintaining our awesome status.

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