Our Brand – Hivewear

CryptoSwagShop is proud to present its own brand Hivewear to customers. Hivewear comes from the idea of the cryptocurrency community acting as a community Hive, hence why you see a lot of bee and community type logos on our Hivewear options. Having the Hivewear brand act as the ambassador for CryptoSwagShop allows us to have more customization over the content, allowing to produce hype swag gear.

High-Quality Gildan clothing articles and Neenah print materials are fused together to give us our unique CryptoSwagShop Hivewear appeal. Hivewear worries about its ecological footprint, for that matter most of the Neenah print materials that CryptoSwagShop usees are 50% recycled materials.

CryptoSwagShop‘s brand Hivewear uses a combination of cotton and nylon unless otherwise noted. Cryptoswagshop and Hivewear believe these are the best materials due to their hypoallergenic properties. Cotton wicks moisture away from the skin quite well, and provides unbeatable insulation and is extremely weatherproof, and the nylon helps to hold our materials together; that is very important to CryptoSwagShop & Hivewear because they both originate from the ice cold Canada.

The Hivewear brand and the CryptoSwagShop team are very community friendly, with that in mind, if you find that Hivewear doesn’t meet your artistic expectations, and you would like to purchase a more unique product, check out our custom designs or reach out to us for a quote for your ideas.CryptoSwagShop was founded to provide unique and cryptic ideas for people to consume.