Our Process

CryptoSwagShop values quality, with that in mind we would like to share our process with you.

CryptoSwagShop sells such brands as ‘HiveWear’, ‘420’ line and our own custom in-house graphics.

How are our t-shirts and shorts made?

Cryptoswagshop‘s main concern is the quality of fabric and the process in which we produce our products. Cryptoswagshop t-shirts and shorts are printed on high quality 100% Heavy Cotton with printed materials made from 50% renewable sources! Double stitched neck, waist, and sleeves. Seamless taped collars. Cryptoswagshop uses high-quality heavy-duty Gildan brand tee shirts, Gildan is renowned for their quality and brand presence since 1984. Cryptoswagshop has experimented with various methods of transfers, and have settled on a heat transfer method. Cryptoswagshop uses a high quality heat transfer press with laser printed graphics and high-quality heat transfer materials. Cryptoswagshop logos are designed, printed and transferred by qualified personnel with the end result in mind. Cryptoswagshop has partnered up with Neenah for their printing materials, Neenah has been in the textiles business since 1873, Neenah has a fantastic history. When washing your Cryptoswagshop merchandise make sure that you follow the tag directions on the garment, also keep in mind to reverse the clothing inside out to maintain the colors of the logo and outer shell. Please do not use bleach! Be sure to tumble dry on a low setting as well to maintain the longevity of merchandise.

How about our Hoodies and Sweaters?

Once again, Cryptoswagshop experimented with various methods, but have settled on a heat transfer process using high-quality laser printed transfers and printed materials made from 50% renewable sources. Our hoodies are heavy duty with 50% cotton / 50% polyester double-lined and convenient kangaroo pouch in front. Double stitched seams on neck and collars, wrist and waist. Drawstring on matching color hood to keep super bundled. Cryptoswagshop uses high-quality heavy-duty Gildan hoodies, Gildan; as previously noted, has been in the market of quality clothing since 1984. Gildan makes crazy good products.  The process of manufacturing swaggy hoodies is quite close to our t-shirt process. High-quality materials from Gildan and Neenah textiles with a qualified person(s) operating the lean manufacturing process. This also applies to our sweaters and any other types of winter sweat products. When washing your Cryptoswagshop hoodie make sure to follow the instructions on the garment tag and absolutely no bleaching allowed! Use a low tumble or hang dry for your hoodies and sweaters.

We also make mousepads, mugs, plates, cups, keychains, and a whole slew of swag; but how?

Cryptoswagshop has invested in high-end heat transfer materials (Neenah) made from 50% recycled content. Alongside with our custom heat press the results from our process our 5-star quality. Our swag process is quite simple, high-quality heat transfers, laser print & cut transfer materials applied with the proper temperature and timing in a specially designed heat press to produce our high-quality fine finish swag. Some of the items will be engraved as well, although not too many at the current time. As Cryptoswagshop progresses, more machinery will be added to the processing plant.

How do you ship your products?

CryptoSwagShop uses multiple shipping couriers to get ourselves the best rate possible and pass the savings onto the customer. With that business model, CryptoSwagShop is able to offer free shipping on most of our products! CryptoSwagShop also offers access to international suppliers for quality amazing products, CryptoSwagShop makes wise decisions based on user review’s, feedback and supplier transparency. Some of drop shipping items make take a few more days to arrive at your door.


What are your accepted payment solutions?

Cryptoswagshop accepts most major payments including MasterCard, Visa and American express thru our providing processor Squarebut, we’re very pleased to accept Bitcoin SVBitcoin, BitcoinCash, and Ethereum. Many other cryptocurrencies are accepted for merchandise as well, and if there is a cryptocurrency that you would like to use for a purchase, please contact us.

Do you accept returns and refunds?

Yes! Cryptoswagshop wants you to be happy with your purchase, thru our material selection process all the way to the end result in your hands, Cryptoswagshop strives for your business. If you are unhappy Cryptoswagshop is here to help, please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy for more information.