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#Phantasma #SOUL – Dual Token MainNet (staking coin)

Fantastic Phantasma (SOUL) Dual Token MainNET incoming

Phantasma (SOUL) Token team has released some very pleasing information regarding their upcoming MainNet launch of the NEP-5 token; Phantasma aka its ticker symbol SOUL. The team has outlined the new chain technicalities, features, and a bunch more release teasers. Focusing on content distribution and data storage Phantasma Chain is slated to launch in mid-late April 2019 with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and a dual-token model!

Phantasma MainNet will include the main chain as well a cooperative complimentary sidechain system which will allow for decentralized exchange systems within the ecosystem as well as distributed file storage and NFT Marketplaces. SOUL will also add GhostMode for anonymous transactions; staking and voting rights with a dual token system for stake rewards and the Phantasma name service.

According to the team’s website “Everybody who stakes SOUL will immediately start receiving Energy, distributed to a public Phantasma address by choice, therefore it is not possible to receive Energy just by holding SOUL in your wallet, staking is required. By receiving Energy right after staking SOUL, you can start using the Phantasma App right away and by distributing the Energy to a wallet of your choice you can introduce your friends and relatives to Phantasma’s Ecosystem by staking SOUL for them” also; “The staked SOUL & generated Energy are locked in the specific wallet for 24 hours, after which you can transfer the SOUL back to your wallet or keep staking the SOUL for more Energy. Energy is unlocked after 24 hours, however, you can still use the Energy for transaction fees within the first 24 hours. Automatic conversions between Energy and SOUL is supported later down the line with Phantasma’s very own DEX. The average transaction costs on Phantasma Chain is approximately 0.01 Energy per transaction, therefore 1 SOUL will generate 0.002 Energy per day. The minimum amount of SOUL to be staked to receive Energy is 1 SOUL”.

The maximum supply of Energy is 320,000,000 KCAL in which the release of Energy will halve every two years.

If you were on the fence about SOUL, or if you haven’t even heard of this token. CryptoSwagShop recommends you take a close look at it, if the team is able to pull this off, Phantasma will be a very high-ranked Currency. There is much more to the story than we have included in our post, we have included quotes and sources from the official releases from the team, they can be found here.


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