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#TranslateMe #Treasure #Hunt 1 000 000 #TMN + 100 #NEO PRIZE + #NEP5 Bonus

The World’s First Decentralized Translation Solution


TranslateMe is a decentralized translation solution that will combine Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with a distributed network of computing power.

TranslateMe users are able to access Instant online translation of documents. Instantly translated and assigned to a QR code for sharing or adding to printed documents for translation. Push documents to translators and request human corrections to further improve the translation. Also, a rating system for reviewing documents and building a reputation for translators. The best thing about it all? Pay with Cryptocurrency for fast efficient payments.

In celebration of the team’s accomplishments and to give something to the community and supporter(s) within the project, TranslateMe has decided to host a Treasure hunt, giving away 100 NEO and 1,000,000 TMN; as well as some mystery donators that have included numerous NEP5 Tokens to the hunt. CryptoSwagShop has been invited to be a part of the action! A massive update is slated for the 15th of April; the pieces of the treasure map will start to become available to the public.

Leading up to the Event; everybody is invited to share the event and be rewarded accordingly for their efforts; TranslateMe is an amazing project with a great team behind it; the token is written on the #NEO #block-chain (home to many more smart contract valuables and machine algorithms)  and they wanna help you get involved and gain some tokens; note: a little bit of your time and effort is required on social media sites – but hell, who doesn’t want free money and new experiences to share information? Interested in the leading up give-away? More information on the project and the giveaway found on the ‘Giveaway Thread’ 


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1 thought on “#TranslateMe #Treasure #Hunt 1 000 000 #TMN + 100 #NEO PRIZE + #NEP5 Bonus

  1. Guys, make sure that you get in on this, easy easy money! – b

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